05 November, 2008

Editorial Recap of 10/27
LSB Monthly Report Broadcast

On Monday October 27th, KPFA broadcast the Local Station Board's monthly "Report to the Listeners", hosted by Sasha Futran and Henry Norr. Also joining the broadcast was past LSB member Max Blanchet; and Brian Edwards-Tiekert, treasurer and paid staff representative from the News Department.

A lively and incisive discussion ensued, covering a range of topics that have been troubling the station: the state of finances for KPFA and the Pacifica Foundation, questionable appointments to the Community Advisory Board against established CPB guidelines, reduction of listenership, concerns of competition with internet-based media and the fetishised use of Roberts Rules to delay productive discussions...

Particularly touchy issues included: managers' arbitrary approach to human resources and security procedures, the state of the Program Council, management's blatant disregard of resolutions by the Pacifica National Board and the Local Station Board to recognize the Unpaid Staff Organization, the continued failure to produce personnel policies; and the lack of published criteria for violations and remedies, such as applied to long-time KPFA producer and volunteer Nadra Foster. Mr. Norr also provided a report on the status of Ms. Foster's case. Several members of the community called in, also touching on some critical issues.

The archived program can be heard from the KPFA archive website,
as broadcast on October 27th (during the timeslot for Women's Magazine)"


The editorial team for the Media Justice: KPFA blog will publish a series of articles examining in more depth and detail several of the issues covered during the Oct.27 LSB Report broadcast. These articles will offer information and perspectives from the point-of-view of Community Producers, Media Workers, and supporters from inside KPFA. We wish to provide all KPFA listeners and supporters with a greater degree of due transparency of these otherwise obscure issues confronting the community's beloved radio station through this critical time, and towards a brighter future.

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