24 November, 2008

Mon-November 24 1pm PST - KPFA LSB
Report to Listeners (with live call-in)

On Monday November 24th at 1 pm PST, the KPFA Local Station Board will broadcast of its' monthly Report to the Listeners, moderated by LSB members Noelle Hanrahan and Henry Norr, and will include as guests, among others, Mitchel Cohen of the WBAI LSB, and Joe Wanzala, also of the KPFA LSB.

The broadcast will include time for live call-ins from KPFA listeners and supporters. The studio number is (510) 848-4425.

The Audio webstream/podcast archive of the program will be available for listening immediately after the broadcast:

November 2008 LSB Report to the Listeners
(note: description mislabeled for "Women's Magazine" timeslot)

Podcast/Mp3 (for iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player)

Listeners should feel free to ask questions regarding any aspect or concerns about the station, management, governance, Pacifica's reliance on the new CPB-required Arbitron Portable People Meter being challenged in a suit by the State Attorneys General in New York and New Jersey; as well as arbitrary banning policies, financial situation, its bureaucratic and violent treatment of workers and community programmers, hiring practices, and where and how your contributions are being spent.

Live on the web: www.KPFA.org

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