02 December, 2008

December 11 2008: KPFA LSB Meeting
and Community Potluck

Dear KPFA Listeners & Supporters:

Have you been wondering:
What's really happening with YOUR Community Radio Station?

Would you like your ideas and concerns to be heard, and welcomed,
somewhere besides a 'Complaint Hotline' to Nowhere,
in a peaceful & mutually respectful setting, with real people from the station and local board, who are actually interested in the community's needs, and working to make a real difference-?

December KPFA LSB Meeting
Community Potluck
December 11, 2008 7-9pm

Humanist Hall
390 27th Street
Oakland CA
Wheelchair Accessible!

At its last meeting, KPFA's LSB voted to cancel its December meeting.

However: many of your Local Station Board members have decided to meet anyway, and offer the same respect and opportunity for dialog as was appreciated by the Fresno community in November.

ALL ARE INVITED - board members and non-board members alike. The board will meet as a committee of the whole if there is not a quorum of the members present.

The agenda is to hear from, update and and answer questions from the public, and develop resolution ideas for the board's 2009 work.

The meeting will be followed by a holiday mixer with food and drink.

See you there!