28 October, 2008

CPB Audit:
Incompetent KBBF Management,
Imperils Funding Support

Source: http://vozfuerte.info

Full report:

CPB Audit Reveals Incompetent KBBF Management,
Imperils Funding Support

A Special Review of management practices by the incumbent "insiders" has led the audit team from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to recommend that KBBF refund over $66,000 in misspent grant funds. The audit team has also presses CPB decision makers to "Determine whether the current governance structure is adequate and sufficiently responsible to continue as a CPB grant recipient."

These recomendations are only the two that most immediately threaten the survival of KBBF. There are 15 others that point to deeply incompetent management practices. They resulted from the auditors' findings that echo long standing observations by Voces:
  • No public reporting of financial condition
  • No compliance with required Community Advisory Board
  • Violation of Open Meetings requirements, and many others.
Read the complete report here (in PDF):