14 October, 2008

Oct 14: Nadra Foster court update;
Video from KPFA arrest released

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POCC Block Report Radio
Tue, Oct 14, 2008

Prisoners of Conscience Committee's People Alert:
The newest court date for Nadra Foster and a new video showing Pacifica's former Executive Director attempting to stifle the documentation of police terror inside the station.

On August 20, 2008 Black programmer Nadra Foster was beaten to the ground by a number of Berkeley police officers inside of KPFA, kicked in the face, had her arm severely injured, was strait-jacketed, and taken to jail, after Lois Withers, a member of KPFA's management team called the police on her, after falsely accusing her of being "banned". Before Lois called the police, she got approval from the Pacifica human resource woman Dominga Estrada. Since this has happened nearly two months ago, Lois Withers continues to be at work daily at KPFA, Sasha Lilley, the Interim Program Director, who was on the scene, is still at work everyday, and Lem-Lem Rijio, who was the Interim General Manager, was promoted to General Manager of KPFA, by Pacifica's departing Executive Director Nicole Sawaya two hours before Sawaya's resignation, for Rijio's role in engineering a cover up of what really happened.

Currently the KPFA News, Democracy Now and the Morning Show with the exception of the Poor News Network, have refused to cover this police beating of a Black programmer inside the station claiming that "this is an internal matter that is not newsworthy". Supposed progressive people like Andrea Ali, the manager of Berkeley's "conscious" Guerrilla Cafe claims that her newest spiritual quest will not allow her to lend her space to the public to talk about what the police did to Nadra, which is less than 5 minutes away. Nevertheless the the people are still fighting for the 5 charges to be dropped against Nadra Foster, for KPFA to pay all of Nadra Foster's medical and legal fees, for an independent investigation into what happened and severely punish those responsible, and our last demand is for a Black public affairs show that speaks to the politics that are going with the masses of Black people in the United States, and the world, similar to what the POCC: Block Report does on other people's shows. The "diverse and progressive" KPFA, currently doesn't have a Black public affairs at all, while even white stations like NPR have daily ones.

Secondly, the Prisoners of Conscience Committee is urging people to support Nadra Foster in court on October 23, '08 at 661 Washington St. in downtown Oakland at 9am in courtroom 104. To give much needed financial support, you could call Neema, Nadra's mother, at 510-395-7810.

Lastly, to see this just released shocking video of August 20th inside of KPFA, where Pacifica's former Executive Director Nicole Sawaya tries to prevent the documentation of a case of police terrorism inside of KPFA, after the pigs were called by KPFA management with the approval of Pacifica's management. Check out these links.

Go to www.blockreportradio.com to see the movie talked about in this article.

Also you could hear from Nadra Foster herself and some of her colleagues on a video that was shot at her first courtdate.

Please leave your comments on the pages that these videos are on.

The Minister of Information JR
POCC Block Report Radio

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