07 May, 2009

PLEDGE DON'T GIVE to Save Women's Magazine

Save Womens Magazine


Dear Friends,

In January, KPFA management made a decision to preempt Women's Magazine, the only hour of programming on its airwaves focused on women's and gender issues, which has aired three times a month for the last four years. Listeners and programmers were assured that the show would go back on the air at the end of the first 100 days of the new administration. However, now it appears that management may permanently remove Women's Magazine from its lineup. This is unacceptable. The Program Council comprising listeners and staff, which is mandated by the Pacifica bylaws and represents the only accountability for programming decisions, was unilaterally dissolved by the Interim Program Director several months ago.

This fund drive, we are asking you to flex your money to save Women's Magazine. If you can, call during WM's regular slot - Monday, 1:00-2:00 pm, but if you can't call then, call any time during the fund drive and make a pledge but do not pay it yet. Tell the person who takes your pledge that you will pay it when Women's Magazine is back on the air and the Program Council is reinstated. (The person will say they can't write it down, but it's good to say it anyway.) If WM and the Program Council have not been reinstated when you get the bill in the mail, write on it that you are waiting until they are and send it back.

Email kpfawomensmag@gmail.com and tell us that you pledged. No pressure, but if you're willing to tell us how much you pledged, it will help us keep track of how much virtual money we've raised so we can prove that we can in fact fundraise.

Finally, ask everyone you know to join this campaign for democracy, accountability and women's expression at our station!

Women's Magazine is off the air but on the web! Check out breaking news and audio clips on our blog http://kpfawomensmag.blogspot.com/.

Join our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=79430924351 .

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