01 May, 2009

Introducing... Media Justice: KPFA

Welcome to Media Justice: KPFA, a portal of information and perspectives from inside Pacifica flagship station, KPFA FM.

Articles and links on this site include contributions from a broad-based cross-section of producers and staff (paid and unpaid), independent journalists, board directors, volunteers and community supporters across the KPFA service area in Northern and Central California.

The rise of the Media Reform movement in response to FCC policies resulting in increased consolidation and corporatization of media resources, has also raised public awareness about accountability of broadcasters to their local communities. The issue also examines approaches, policies and systems to promote and acheive equitable representation and direct access by all sectors of the community to the media resources and outlets. Much of this is aptly described under the term "Media Justice".

Quoting from the organization "Reclaim The Media":

" Media Justice speaks to the need to go beyond creating greater access to the same old media structure. Media Justice takes into account history, culture, privilege and power. We need new relationships with media and a new vision for its control, access, and structure. Media Justice understands that this will require new policies, new systems that treat our airways and our communities as more than markets. "

The Media Justice: KPFA portal is geared towards promoting a community-friendly, healthy, productive and democratic internal work environment that facilitates these goals. Contributors are participants who are working on the inside to improve KPFA, committed to enlightening and engaging community participation through Active Pacifism, rather than armchair Passivism; while applying concepts of Media Reform and Media Justice to advance the Pacifica Mission.

    Media Justice: KPFA
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